Tips for Older Workers Looking for Work in Construction

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The Canadian population is healthier, but is also aging. The life expectancy between 1970 to 2011 shifted from 69 to 79.3 years for men and 76 to 83.6 for women. This means a whole lot of retired people looking for something to do with time on their hands. They don’t want to sit around doing nothing; they want to be active and have a quality of life. This has led to a large number of retired people seeking jobs. Some may need to work; many want to stay active and apply their skills.

The Canadian Association of Retired People (CARP) is trying to address this need. Last year, CARP sponsored a job fair in Toronto to bring together employers with job seekers over the age of 50. The jobs most frequently offered fell in franchising, which require an investment on the part of the worker, and in sales, which takes advantage of the employee’s networks to sell products and services. Adina Lebo, chair of the downtown Toronto chapter of CARP lamented that the doors are closed for people who want to apply their skills to an established or new line of work. “The workforce is built to push people out at 65.” However, there “ is no ageism in sales. It’s on commission, so there’s no risk to the employer. They use you and your community to sell, so that was wide open.”

What this showed is that the employment sector has not made adjustments to accommodate older workers. Employers expect to renew their workforce with younger, full-time workers. They have not recognized the potential benefits to their companies of hiring part-time older workers who can offer highly developed skills, maturity, reliability and other strengths developed over several decades of work experience.

Marie Bountrogianni, Dean of the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University and a former Ontario cabinet minister, provides five job hunting tips for older workers.… Contiue Reading...

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Owning vs. Renting a Home

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So the time has come for you to decide if you are going to buy your very own home. There can be many pros and cons to owning your own home just as there are many pros and cons to renting a home. So how do you decide what is best for you and your family. There are many things to consider:

  • Finances: Do you have a steady income and can you afford a house payment?
  • Job Stability: Do you have a good job with long term employment options. Most mortgages rage from 20 to 30 years.
  • What kind of housing options do you have in your area? New homes? Fixer uppers? Good neighborhoods? If you have children what are the schools like in the area where you want to buy a home.
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What Are the Top Ten Tips for Being Successful in Becoming a Real Estate Agent?

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What are the top ten tips for being successful in becoming a real estate agent? Though there are many tips we will narrow the tips to being successful in becoming a real estate agent down to the top ten.

The Top Ten Tips for Being Successful in Becoming a Real Estate Agent

1. The first tip for being successful in becoming a real estate agent would be to examine and research your reasons for deciding to choose to become a real estate agent as your career choice. Is being a real estate agent really what you would like to do? Make a pros and cons list of your reasons for becoming a real estate agent. Earnestly consider all the options.

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Should You Buy a Foreclosure Property?

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Should you buy a foreclosure property? First of all lets define what a foreclosure property is. According to a dictionary search* a foreclosure is the act of foreclosing, especially a legal proceeding by which a mortgage is foreclosed.

What would be the reason the property was foreclosed? The most common cause of a foreclosure is failure to meet financial obligations in mortgage payments. There could be pluses and their could be negatives in “should you buy a foreclosure property or not”.

A lot of whether you should buy a foreclosure property or not would have to do with the individual situation. There are some questions you should ask yourself before buying the foreclosure property, then make your decision accordingly.

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What to Consider Before Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Agent

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What to consider before becoming a commercial real estate agent, there are many things you should examine if you are considering becoming a commercial real estate agent. What does a commercial real estate agent do? Is a commercial real estate agent different from a real estate agent without the word commercial before the title?

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What Are 7 Smart Ways to Tweak Your Online Home Search?

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What are 7 smart ways to tweak your online home research? Actually there are more then seven, but we will narrow it down to the 7 smartest ways to tweak your online home search. Most people start with the newspaper and other publications they find laying around the grocery stores and places like that.

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One of the most crucial steps in being a real estate investor is finding a competent agent. One of the keys to a great sale is a good real estate agent. You can still process a good sale, but a real estate agent has the processes and procedures in line to have a great sale. So it is important that you find someone who will understand your needs and will work hard for you. This article will provide you some insights in searching for a good real estate agent.

Number one thing to do is to know what it entails to be a real estate agent. Real estate agents are the ones who work double time to be able to close deals. Failure to close a deal will mean all the hard work leading up to that moment is all for nothing. So it is important that you find a real estate agent who is willing to put up the hours to make sure that they will be able to close and finalize the deal.

Be sure that you also know what to expect from your real estate agent. One thing that is not in their to do list as an agent is the role of being a driver to you until you determine which property you want to buy. This situation will surely tart a bad relationship between you and your real estate agent since you will be taking so much of his or her time. The contacts that real estate agents have is the primary reason that you need them.

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You could voice out the economy is in bad condition, and that it would take a million chance of fate that you could make it through the real estate industry triumphantly. But the truth of the matter is, real estate investment is as stable as always.

There are two aspects in selling properties. First, the type of your property. Is it an apartment house, a land, a bungalow or a rental house? Second is the value of what you are retailing. Is it high-priced or just for the regular family? The second is one of the greater aspects amongst the two. For it’s then that you rationalize your buyer’s classification and measure what target market you want to reach. In fact, selling realty without a doubt is quite risky and tough now, given that most of the effect of the economical failure has hit average to above-middle level income earners.

But the wealthy and the prominent are still affluent. They could have lost some money but it is not enough to pull them down to the poverty situation. In fact, one of the trends these affluent individuals do, as time immemorial has made known it, is to make a real estate investment that would earn double as soon as the economy has fully improved. Also, property developers are still building and developing expensive suburban homes and properties for they see that although the economy might have been awful to low-income families, the wealthy in countries like India, Dubai, or even in Las Vegas and Grand Cayman are still enthusiastic to spend money and live in a deluxe life.

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